WHATSAPP is banning more than 20 lakh accounts every month. All of India!

WhatsApp is banning more than 20 lakh accounts every month. Why?
It seems like WhatsApp’s fight against fake news is getting stronger day by day! Furthering its pledge to combat the spread of fake news in India, WhatsApp recently held a press conference in New Delhi ahead of elections in the country.

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp highlights how it is able to identify fake or malicious WhatsApp accounts through machine learning. For this, he only pays attention to the activity of the WhatsApp account, how the behavior of that account is. If a WhatsApp user forwards multiple messages at one time or shares many links, then it is considered a malicious WhatsApp account and the account is closed (Ban).

This is the reason why Whatsapp says that more than 20 lakh accounts are being closed every month. 25% of the account is removed by humans and the remaining 75% is removed by WhatsApp’s algorithms.
Carl Woog, who is the head of Whatsapp Commissions, said “Whatsapp is using some parties in a way that it should not. We can ban our service because of this, we are preventing them from doing so. . ” This is what they have to say.

To fight fake news in India, WhatsApp has been running educational advertisements and campaigns and recently imposed a limit to forward 5 messages.

The case of fake news is becoming especially serious in India. A recent survey shows that India is facing more fake news than other countries in the world, this is not at all a good thing. It is our responsibility that we should not spread fake news.
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