Unique Features of ANDROID 11 | What is special about ANDROID 11!

The stable version of Android 11 has arrived in the market. And it is going to be very unique and different. Android lovers will love it. Just as expected, Google has released Android 11 Stable Update in August itself. Earlier, a lot of beta updates were given between February and June.
Android 11 will be able to see a lot more optimized than the previous Android and it is going to be very easy to manage for any user. The best thing is that a lot of attention has been paid to User Privacy. And it was also needed.

Unique Features of Android 11 | Android 11 Features 
So let us now know what features of Android 11 are being used, due to which it is being liked. Also, there is a lot of discussion in the tech market.

All your messages will be seen in the notification section. . If you want, you can chat with some people anytime, you just have to give them a priority, which is very easy. And some people who you will not give priority to will remain only in the notification bar. It will be beneficial that the messages of those whom you have given priority will never be missed.

Notification History
You will like this feature a lot. Sometimes what happens is that you get Notification Swipe Up in a hurry and you do not even see what the notification income was. So if you enable Notification History in Android 11, then you can easily see the complete history of Notification. Did you like it?

Many times you are watching videos and you keep getting messages on Whatsapp. If you answer
Do not want to end the video on want. So here this Android feature is going to come in handy.
You will be able to message very easily, you will get a small bubble on the mobile and you have to click on it and you can replay. Just like you would have seen on Messanger, this time this feature Android Ui will work by itself.

Screen Recorder

This feature of Screen Recorder was very much liked. Now you can get rid of using which other apps to do screen recording. You will also be given the option to do audio in addition to Screen Recording. Apart from this, you want that whenever the screen recording starts, you said that if you are touching it, then you can also enable this option.

Device Controls
This option is going to make your technical life extremely easy. You will be able to control nearby connected devices from your phone. If a lot of things have happened with your phone, you can control it from the same place from the same phone. If you want to reduce the Brightness of Table Lamp, then you will be able to do it easily.

Media Controls
You also get to see the option of Media Controls in it. You can change the song or video playing in your mobile on your earphone or Room Speaker with a single click. Or it can also be done on TV without following any long process. All you need to do is connect the device with your Android. And those who are song lovers must have liked this feature.

Connect Android to Your Car
This is a very important feature of Android 11, in which you will not need any kind of wire or cable to connect to your car. You will be able to easily connect to your car via WI-FI.
Before this, you had to fall in need of a cable.

One-time permissions
Google has made this feature with privacy in mind. As the name suggests, now you can easily stop any app from permissions. Sometimes you set your profile image in an app for which it asks for Gallery Permissions. If you are giving, then he has gone to Permission forever. Now what that app is doing later, with your Image Gallery you will always have doubts about it, so you can use One-time permissions for this.

Dark theme scheduling
Google cares about your eyes a lot! So you will also get to see Android 11 Dark theme scheduling, where you will be given three types of options. If you want in one, do not change in any way and let it be as it is. The second option will be clouded in the dark theme or day theme in its own way as day and evening. Or you can set the custom dark theme in your way according to the third option.

So man Android 11 is going to be very smart. And many new and unique features have been added to it. Which you guys would have liked a lot. It will start appearing in mobile phones from January. Right now it is being seen in Google’s pixels.

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