Money Transferred To Wrong Account Number | How can I get the money sent by mistake to another’s account?

Accidentally sent money to another’s account?
Money Transferred To Wrong Account: The current phase is the digital phase, nowadays most people prefer to go online payment and money transfer. Most people use an online money transfer to give money to their friends and family, as the biggest benefit is saving time. The convenience of making an online payment is as much as caution has to be taken because many times people hurry to make a payment or they make a mistake. In this case, the money is transferred to the wrong account. We will tell you in today’s post that what should you do if you transfer money to a wrong account?

Money Transferred To Wrong Account:

For the past several years, such incidents have started coming up in which someone has cheated you online. Or money has been transferred to the wrong account or there have been many incidents in which money has been blown out of your account only through phone calls. Such incidents have increased continuously in the present.

Money was withdrawn from your account by fraud?
First of all, you have to close the ATM card and net banking service to get the money back.
After stopping the ATM card and net banking service, file a complaint with the police.
After that, a copy of the FIR will have to be submitted to the bank.
After getting a copy of the FIR, the bank will investigate the money withdrawn under the FIR.
During the investigation, if it is found that you have been created, then you will get a full money back.
Take these steps, you can get back the money by mistake
If you have accidentally deposited money in someone else’s account, first go to the bank and find out that you have deposited money in a person’s account.
Immediately after that, go to his bank and meet him whose account has been transferred by mistake.
You can get your money after giving proof of money transfer by mistake.
According to the Reserve Bank, if money is withdrawn from your account without your permission. So you have to inform the bank about this incident within three days, it can save your money.

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