3 ways how to earn money from google 2021

How to earn money from google, google se paise Kaise kamaye, 3 ways 2021
Friends, let me tell you, the 3 platforms created by GOOGLE are the best in making money online. Today we will discuss those 3 platforms, How to make money online from Google 3 ways 2021

How to make money with Blogger

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Friends, first you start a blog, to start a blog, you have to catch a topic, then you would post one or two related to that topic every day.
And when you have more than 20 posts on your blog, you can APPROVE for AdSense and after getting the APPROVAL of AdSense, you can make a good income by applying ADVERTISEMENT on your blog.
Friends, starting BLOG is very easy, you will find many POST and VIDEOS on the internet which you can learn by watching and earn good money by making a good BLOG, so start your BLOG today.

How to make money with youtube

Friends, everyone knows about YOUTUBE. Nowadays, how many YOUTUBER stars have become among us, you can also earn money by becoming popular by making a YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
Friends, YouTube is also like BLOG, in this, you can also make related videos related to any topic which you have good knowledge and start your own channel.
To earn money from YOUTUBE you have to follow some rules of Youtube only then you will be able to make money from YOUTUBE.
For this, you need to have at least 1000 SUBSCRIBER on your CHANNEL and you can turn on YOUTUBE MONETIZATION on your channel once the video you have created is 4000 hours. With MONETIZATION ON, Google’s ads will start appearing on every VIDEO, just now your income starts.

How to make money with AdMob

Admob is Google’s own product, friends, we can earn a lot of income from Admob, but for this, a lot of technical knowledge is required. In this, you will have to publish ADOG in an APP on GOOGLE PLAY STORE.
ADMOB is a platform on which you can create and upload any APPLICATION, first, you have to create an Admob Account, after that you will have to create an application and put it on Google Play Store, you have to pay $ 25 to create a Play Store Account.
You can publish an App as you wish and earn a good amount.

Friends, all these three products are from Google and you can start working on these three or any of these from today itself and believe me friends if you work on it, you can make so much money whose You would not have imagined How to earn money online from Google 3 ways 2021

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